Cultus Bay Distillery

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Grain to Glass

Bask in the flavor of great tasting handcrafted spirits and bitters from Cultus Bay Distillery in Clinton, Washington. Our company produces a variety of bitters and spirits.

What Makes Us Different

We designed and built our stills on the shores of Cultus Bay on Whidbey Island in a former boathouse. This allows us to come up with one-of-a-kind spirits. In addition, we use toasted white oak barrel staves for aging whiskey to ensure its exceptional quality.

What sets our distillery apart from others are the decades of experience we spent working on traditional distillation and historical procedures and recipes coupled with the craft-scale ability to construct appropriately authentic equipment. These have allowed us to create quality spirits the old-fashioned way with skill and an eye toward quality and hard work.

Our Social Responsibility

As distillers, we do our part in maintaining nature’s cleanliness. We recycle our water and our spent grain is fed to sheep. End waste from creating our products is pH-balanced to protect the environment.

Visit Us!

Want to sail in for a taste? You are more than welcome to drop by our craft distillery. Just call us to schedule a personal tour.

Our Products

Our company is focused on making handcrafted spirits. Going from grain to glass, our spirits go through a meticulously executed process to ensure smoothness and flavor.


Handcrafted Spirits

Te’ Absolvo – An Award-Winning Vodka

Te’ Absolvo vodka is an American Distillery award winner. It is a natural spirit that’s very smooth and is truly ALL YOU WANT IT TO BE.


Mortal Gin 

A juniper forward sip that holds its own against a tonic yet smooth enough to drink neat. It is flavored from eight fresh botanicals.


Mulligan XXX – Irish Single Malt Whiskey

Mulligan XXX is a single malt classic Irish-style. It is triple pot-stilled from unpeated Washington state two-row barley aged in oak on the banks of Whidbey Island. It is warm and smooth and hits all the notes!



Try the un-aged version at 110 proof. It really gives you a malt whiskey flavor unmasked by oak aging.

Handcrafted Bitters

Ginseng Bitters

American ginseng grown and harvested in the Bitterroot mountains of Montana. Add it to your favorite cocktail or with a splash of club soda.

Orange Bitters

Great addition to ribs and to your favorite sweet cocktail to tone.

Lemon Bitters

Add to your favorite cocktail, tea, or cooking.

Ginger Bitters

Give your cooking a kick or add to your cup of tea for a refreshing drink.